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Ahwaga Puppy Application

Please copy and paste the Ahwaga Puppy Questionnaire below into an email.  

Please complete and return to us with any puppy inquiries.  

Thank you!

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 1)  Name:

 2)  Address:

 3)  Telephone Number:

 4)  Email:

 5)  Do you own or rent your home?

 6)  What is your occupation?

 7)  How did you find us?

 8)  When are you looking to purchase a pup?

 9)  What traits are you looking for?

10)  Are you interested in a male or female?

11)  Our puppies are sold on AKC limited Registration and spay/neuter contracts.  Is this acceptable?

12)  Where will the dog spend most of its time?

13)  Where will the dog sleep?

14)  Who will have primary responsibility for the care of this puppy?

15)  Have you ever owned a Golden Retriever before?

16)  If you haven't owned a Golden Retriever before, what breeds of dogs have you had?

17)  Do you have any other animals now?

18)  If you do have other animals, how many do you have, what kinds, and what breeds?

19)  Do you have any kids?

20)  If you do have kids, how old are they and how many? Do your kids know how to act around a puppy?  Are they OK around dogs?

21)  Is your whole family committed to getting a dog?

22)  Do you have a fenced in yard? If not, how will you provide security for your puppy when it’s outside or when you're away?

23)  How big is your yard and what kind of fencing?

24)  What are you planning to do with the puppy or dog when you are not home?

25)  Are you aware that a puppy is basically at least a 10-15 year responsibility?

26)  Why did you choose this breed?

27)  What do you like the most about Golden Retriever?

28)   Have you done research on Golden Retriever? Do you realize that they need regular grooming, dental, and veterinary care?

29)  Are you aware that Golden Retriever are large dogs that shed (sometimes quite profusely)?

30)  Is there someone home during the day, or able to get home to "potty" a puppy?

31)  Have you participated in any dog events/activities (obedience, agility, conformation)?

32)  Are you willing to attend group obedience training classes with this dog as a condition to adopting one of our puppies?

33)  Are you familiar with crate training a puppy?

34)  What will you do if you should have to give the dog up? Keep in mind that things do happen, situations change, etc.

35)  Are you on the waiting list for any other litters?
36)  Anything else you might want to tell me so I may get to know you a little better?

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